do dicks feel better than dildos

I’m often asked the same question, “Do dicks feel better than dildos?” I’m sure it’s a very personal question and the answer really lies within the individual, but I’m certainly not an expert on either. All I can do is tell you what I feel.

To be honest, the sensation between a real penis and a dildo is different. As someone who has experienced both, I can tell you that a dick does feel much better in my opinion. Sure, a dildo can create some amazing sensations when used correctly, but there is something special about the sensation of a real penis.

From my experience, a dildo lacks a certain warmth and subtle movements that you just don’t get with a dildo. I guess it comes down to the unique power exchange between partners that just can’t be replicated with a dildo. It’s like the connection between souls is awakened and shared in its purest form.

The human body has an incredible capacity for exploration and with practice you can create some truly amazing sensations. Real pleasure comes from experiencing a variety of sexual activities and exploring all the different techniques and strategies. I’m sure many of us have experimented with different dildos and experienced a variety of sensations. But, ultimately, I believe that the real pleasure comes from a real penis.

Plus, the real penis has its own unique shape and size, giving it an extra level of intensity. Granted, you can find dildos in all forms and sizes, but they still don’t compare to the real thing. The beauty of the penis is that it is always perfect in its imperfections – that is the real beauty of the human body.

And, then there’s the sensation that comes from penetration. For me, there is no substitute for the intensity of a real penis as it gently enters me. It’s like every millimetre is creating a unique sensation and experience that just can’t be replicated with a dildo.

My experience, and I’m sure many can relate to this, is that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a real penis inside you. Each movement delivering intense pleasure, each movement creating something that no dildo can replicate.

I can tell you that I have explored the world of dildos and I’m sure many of us have. But, for me, nothing can compare to the sensation of a real penis. It’s like the power exchange is taken to a whole new level and I can’t think of anything more pleasurable.