real doll sex tiny flat

I’m sure you’ve heard of real doll sex toys, and how they’ve been gaining popularity over the last few years. Well, I recently decided to take the plunge and buy one of these tiny flat dolls myself – and I’m glad I did!

First things first, let me clarify that these dolls are not sex toys in the way you might be expecting. They do not actually interact with you in any way. Rather, they are meant to be used as a visual aid while playing sexually related video and board games.

The doll I bought is incredibly realistic. It has really realistic hair, lips, and even clothing which looks like something I’d wear when going out for the night. The details on the doll make it look almost like the real thing, like it could genuinely be a real person. Even the feel of the doll is incredibly realistic, like it would be if I was touching real human skin.

The customization options are vast. You can choose the clothes, hair, makeup, eye color, and many more features. This means you can make the doll look exactly how you want it, and as different from each other as you want them. You can also choose to purchase additional clothes and accessories for the doll, which makes it incredibly versatile and adds to the level of realism.

Setting up the doll was easy, it took me about half an hour from start to finish. All you need is a flat surface, and a few tools that come with the doll. It’s actually a lot like putting together furniture, only easier. I also found the instructions that came with the doll to be simple and straightforward, which made the process even easier.

But, the most important thing is the way the doll looks and feels when it is in use. When I’m playing a game, the doll feels so real against my skin and the details on the doll make it look like the real thing. It’s an incredible experience and it’s unlike any other sex toy I’ve ever used.

Overall, I’m really glad I decided to get a real doll sex doll and I’d recommend you to try it as well. It’s truly an incredible experience and Penis Rings it’ll bring your sexual fantasies come closer to reality in more ways than one.