trottla doll site sex

I stumbled upon the Trottla doll site Tumblr recently, and to say the least, I was both shocked and vibrators intrigued. Despite hearing people talk about it in hushed whispers, I never could have understood the full scope of what the site is about until I saw it for myself. For those who may be unfamiliar, Trottla is a Japanese website selling child-like ‘love dolls’ made to look like underage girls for sexual, fetish and ‘romantic’ purposes.

I know what you’re thinking—and it’s natural to feel disgusted and outraged. But what truly shocked me was the ridiculous notion that buying such dolls could serve as a ‘less extreme’ substitute for adults’ sexual urges, as if it didn’t still propagate pedophilia and completely glamorize it.

I mean, it’s unbelievable that anyone could see such dolls as more than cheap objects, and pity that anyone would even think of doing something so dubious with them. It’s heart-rending to think that people may have fears, doubts and guilt about engaging in real relationships with people, so they’re turning to Dolls to get satisfaction. But don’t get me wrong: I don’t think the Trottla Doll site is anything more than a way to exploit people’s sexual needs.

I’m not here to pass judgement on people who own or are considering purchasing such dolls, I just wanted to provide some insight into the flipside of a focus mostly put on the idyllic notion of young love and innocence. It takes a special kind of depraved to think this is okay.

I understand that some people may be alone, desperate, even suicidal. But I cannot comprehend how purchasing a doll of a child could be the answer to any of that. If one were truly in tune with their feelings, and living in reality, they would be aware of the danger of such an action. But people’s skewed perceptions of sexual urges and bondings really can take over their senses.

Now more than ever, it is important to remember how fragile youth can be. People should think twice before they engage in activities or habits that may inflict onto children. It starts with being aware of urge, gaining a deeper understanding and, most importantly, staying with a sense of reality. It’s not about being ‘PC,’ it’s about understanding the potential effect an act of this magnitude does to oneself and to those less privileged.

Speaking of which, I cannot stress enough how the Trottla Doll site is nothing more than a way to exploit people’s sexual longing — it’s an enabler, which is why it needs to be taken down. It is possible to fill the void in our hearts without relinquishing our own moral compass. To put it bluntly, it’s just wrong. Think about the message such an act would be propagating: How can we expect a society of decency, if we rely on and condone such activities?

In summary, the Trottla Doll site is nothing more than a shameless attempt at disguising pedophilia as something romantic. It exploits vulnerabilities of those who are lonely and can’t seem to find a partner, which is why we must focus on the truth: It’s not an alternative to love, it’s simply a reflection of a certain type of people who think they get away it by buying it. And it’s our obligation to spread the message: It’s wrong, and it can’t happen.

We cannot allow ourselves to think this kind of behavior is anything but criminal. No matter how tempted we may be with what society is indoctrinating us, we need to realize how illegal and wrong this kind of ‘romance’ is. Laws need to be enacted in order to protect our young ones from the predators prowling for opportunities to express their unwelcome desires.

Furthermore, these people need to be made aware that what they’re doing is wrong — even if they don’t think it is. That’s the only way to ensure children’s safety in light of the ever-growing presence of this website. We need to start using public platforms to call these people out, to draw attention to the real issue at hand, and to pressure authorities to take actions towards taking it down. We cannot look the other way in the face of such disgraceful behavior.

In addition, we need to make sure people are aware that there are far better ways to fill any voids in our lives. That includes places and safe spaces for people who are struggling with loneliness, depression or suicidal thoughts to seek comfort. We’re all in this together and Penis Rings getting through it should never mean having to turn to such ventures.

It is imperative to remind ourselves here and now that the truth is this: Whoever is partaking in this is a criminal. It may be hard for many to speak up about it, but we mustn’t shy away from condemning it in all its forms—it’s the only way we’ll protect the innocent. There’s no two ways about it, using child dolls as sexual objects is wrong—no excuse.