Well, what do dildos feel like? Wow, that’s a question I’ve definitely asked myself bit more frequently since lockdown started. It’s not something I’m embarrassed to admit as I’m sure many people have done the same here too.

I’m sure for some people, they may roll their eyes and think dildos are crass and vulgar, but personally for me it’s been a great way to spice up my sex life and self pleasure while I’m stuck indoors. It’s been an incredible way to explore my desires and fantasies in the safety of my bedroom.

After investing in a few dildos of different shapes and sizes, the first thing I noticed was just how realistic they look, feel and vibrate. It’s true when people say that most of them feel like the real thing, both inside and out – from the flexibility and softness of the material, to the veins running across the surface. It felt unbelievably realistic and quite by surprise, it actually took me a few moments to realise what was in my hand!

My personal favourite has to be the vibrating dildo because the different speeds certainly make it feel quite lifelike. Granted the vibration is easier on the upper speeds, but I still think it helps to create a real sense of movement (as if you can feel it in its natural rhythm).

With that said, gone are the days when dildos felt like something straight out of a horror movie – you know the kind with the utterly terrifying shapes and colours that could put a person off for life! Plainly put, dildos nowadays feel absolutely amazing.

What I love most about them is their flexibility and being able to bend them into certain positions that enhance my pleasure. With a few of them being curved in shape it turned out to be a great way of reaching those “hard to reach” spots in all the right places!

And then there’s the fact that all these models have hugely powerful suction cups, which allow you to lay down and still have complete control over where it is and how much pleasure you receive. It’s definitely a unique, vibrators mind-blowing sensation that you just can’t get from other methods.

I’ve also recently discovered just how incredible the double ended dildos are. Not only can you experience a smooth, pleasurable ride, but with the second end you also get an entirely different feel which is almost like having two partners in one. And with the opportunity to change the angle, it creates a whole new level of sensation that’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

The amazing thing is that the sensations can be as erotic as you need it to be, too. Some dildos are specially designed to stimulate the G-spot and some even include warm-up time which helps to make it even more pleasurable.

All in all, it’s really opened up a whole new world of pleasure for me. I never realised how incredibly realistic and pleasurable dildos could be and I’ll definitely keep exploring this wild ride.

From using dildos I’ve discovered that your pleasure is only limited by your imagination. With different sizes, shapes, textures and speeds, you can change up your self-love routine and focus on pleasure in a much more intimate way.

Being able to experiment with different speeds and patterns of vibration has been incredibly exciting – something that I’m not sure any human partner could replicate without making it feel silly. With dildos, the sense of realism and sensation is there, no matter what.

What’s more, they’re also fantastic for exploring kinks and fantasies in a safe and comfortable environment. You can simply switch up the dildo or externally stimulate yourself with other toys to get more out of the experience.

The fluctuations in the body can also be amazing to experience with dildos. If you’re a lover of different movements, you can definitely find a way to bring that into the same couple with just the right toy.

I’m also a huge fan of the fact that there’s a huge range of colours and designs now available and all are made from body-safe, non-toxic materials. This definitely makes me feel more comfortable when using a dildo and reassures me that the safety of my body is not at risk.

Of course, when it comes to using dildos, they can also be fun and pleasurable to use with a partner. Watching them enjoy the pleasure in real time is an amazing and empowering experience which I absolutely adore.

And ultimately, I find the sensation that a dildo can give you really unrivalled. Whether I’m in control, my partner is, or we’re both involved, it can create a deeper level of intimacy and pleasure between us.

In short, I can definitely say that using dildos has been a game-changer for me, both when pleasuring myself and when done with my partner. The sensations I can achieve go beyond what I could ever imagine and it definitely adds an extra element of adventure to the bedroom.