were there sex toys in 1918

I find it fascinating that some of the world’s oldest sex toys date back to the 1918. It’s mind-boggling to think that people living a century ago had the capability of crafting something like this! Before I dive into the history of these relics, let me just say one thing: wow.

I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into the museum and saw all these sex toys from a bygone era. It was an out-of-body experience! My eyes widened as I took in all the details of the artifacts – it was hard to believe that something like this had been in existence all those years ago.

At the time, sex toys were a really taboo subject and there was a stigma attached to them, so seeing them all laid out so baldly was such a sight. I felt a thrill deep inside me – not only due to the curious fascination that something like this had been made back then, but because these relics were a reminder of powerful sexual freedom that the people of that time must have had.

I was so taken aback that I practically stumbled over myself as I followed the tour guide around the room. The guide was full of information about the sex toys and why they were used. She told us that these artifacts were made before the invention of modern vibrators and dildos – a wild thought indeed!

The tour guide then said that these sex toys weren’t just used for pleasure. Many were used to alleviate pain – those living in the early 1900s didn’t have a lot of access to modern medicine, so they had to find other ways to self-medicate. It made so much sense – a lot of these sex toys were made out of materials like beeswax, cotton, leather and stone.

Now, this was just the tip of the iceberg – as I kept exploring, I found out that there was even more to these innovations than I first realized. It seemed like the people of the time were a lot more knowledgeable and open-minded than we often think. I had to appreciate how inventive and skilled they were in their craft!

My head was reeling after our tour – it’s like I’d been shown a glimpse to the past and I couldn’t believe it. It’s incredible to think that people in 1918 had the same need for pleasure that we do now. They just went about it in a more creative, crafty way.

I next started to wonder what kind of other sex toys were being created in that era beyond the ones showcased in the museum. Maybe there were prototypes that didn’t make it to mainstream use, or different designs that we’ve never seen before?

The next logical step was to look at the magazines and catalogs of the time. After some research, I found out that there were actually quite a few varieties of sex toys being sold in 1918. Apparently, the market was burgeoning with items like inflatable dolls, vibrators, various contraptions and glass or pearl stimulation devices, all catering to a range of needs.

Finally, when I got to investigate the sex toys communities of the time, I was completely in awe. It seemed like people were so open-minded about their desires – there wasn’t anything off-limits! People were even encouraged to experiment and find out what they liked, even if it was something that wasn’t considered ‘normal’.

I can hardly believe that there was such an underground market for sex toys back then! It goes to show that sex and pleasure have been important parts of human life, no matter the century. It made me appreciate the sex toys of that era even more – as time marches on, it’s so important to realize how far we’ve come.

Digging deeper, I researched the craftsmen of the time and saw the kinds of techniques and skills they had to make these items. From the types of materials and tools used, I could tell it required a lot of expertise and finesse – what the craftsmen achieved back then was amazing.

In fact, I found out that a lot of the sex toys of the time were made from available materials – leather, stone, metal. People also tinkered with things that were already available and changed the shape, size or colors to suit their needs. The luxurious, ornate beads and glamorous contraptions we see today? Those were all products of the ingenuity and creativity of the people back then.

Plus, there were some really cool features that were designed into the sex toys back then. From the curved tips of necklaces that gave off a pleasurable sensation when worn, to the many contraptions that actively sought contact with the body, it was clear that people of that time spent a lot of time making sure these items would be effective.

All in all, it’s unbelievable how far the sex toys industry has come in the last hundred years. It’s incredible to imagine what people did when modern sex toys weren’t available yet – it truly inspires me to be more creative and open-minded about pleasure! It’s fascinating to think that sex toys were around in the 1918 and I’m grateful that we get to enjoy some of these relics from the past today.