where to buy products for diy dildos

When it comes to buying supplies for DIY sex toys, a lot of people don’t realise how easy and accessible it is. You don’t have to take out a loan to create something fun and pleasurable – and hey, why not try something new? I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz around 3D printing and this is one way in which you can make all different kinds of shapes out of a range of materials for yourself.

But of course, not everyone has access to a 3D printer – so if you’re looking for something simpler, there’s a lot of affordable supplies you can easily buy. Anything from latex to silicone to wood and metal can be used to make your own pleasure product. With a bit of creative flair and research, you’ll be able to find your ideal material and create the perfect DIY dildo.

But where do you start? Well, for starters, you could check out some online stores like Amazon that have a few sex toy making supplies. You could also try looking in sex toy or adult retailers if you have one nearby – these usually always stock some kind of accessory or tool for vibrators dildo making. Or, if you’re a more daring kind of person, why not take a trip to your local hardware store? You can usually find just about anything you need to craft something unique – whether it’s rigid tubing, synthetic ropes, sheepskin leather, or cushy foam.

Another great option is to look for sex toy videos. If you’re someone who likes to get creative, watching some how-to videos can really spark some ideas. Also, a lot of people flock to craft stores like Michaels or JoAnn’s to pick up affordable material like aerated foam. Just remember, when you’re playing around with materials, safety comes first. Make sure you’re using products that are designed for sex dolls toy making so you don’t end up with a too-sharp edge or a chemical reaction that can create an allergic reaction.

If none of these places seem convenient to you – don’t worry! There are still some awesome alternatives. Take Etsy for example – there are a ton of independent sex toy makers on there who sell kits and supplies to help you get started. Punk Outlaw’s store has a great selection of DIY sex toy making kits starting at around $20 – so it’s perfect for anyone who’s on a budget.

Also don’t forget about your local mom and pop store! When it comes to sex toy making, you’d be surprised what you can get from a craft shop with a bit of effort. They might not have all of the things you need, but if you search hard enough you’ll find some great gems that’ll help your DIY dildo come to life. Not to mention, they’ll more than likely be cheaper than what you can find online.

No matter where you end up buying your supplies from, the best part of dildo making is that you can have as much fun with it as you want. It’s an opportunity for you to express yourself in a creative and unique way, so have fun with it! Who knows, you might even surprise yourself with what you come up with.